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EOTAS Providers/Provisions in Leeds

Get Diagnosis for Autism in Leeds

Get EHCP in Leeds

Get Blue Badge in Leeds

Get additional support in School – Reasonable Adjustments

Get Autism Friendly Haircut in Leeds

Get Eye Test for non-verbal child in Leeds

Do a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) in Leeds

 Make a subject access request in Leeds  


Free resources at Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes has posted some really cool free resources on her website. Please do check them out! These include infinity colouring sheets and a really…

What is SENDSorta and why you need it!

SENDSORTA empowers parents of special needs children in UK with an innovative app designed to guide, educate, and support them in improving their child's outcomes. By providing expert-led training and personalized, 24/7 support, our platform transforms parenting challenges into triumphs, ensuring every child reaches their maximum potential. By doing so, SENDSORTA seeks to positively impact the families as well as to have a macro social-economic impact.

What support you may be entitled to

DISABILITY LIVING ALLOWANCE (DLA) For under 16’s Based on needs not diagnosis Not means tested Telephone: 0800 121 4600 Care component                       Care component Weekly rate…
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