This is a list of provisions that have been paid by Leeds LA in the past as part of EOTAS either directly or agreed via a personal budget. Data source is either the provision, or via parents/guardians

The talking house (SALT)Weatherby
Chatter Bug (SALT)Killingbeck Leeds
Bilbrough Country Classroom
Communicating with Cath (SALT)Leeds
Learn with SAT
Geeks Room
Forest School
Ark Smallholdings
Kings Interhigh Online SchoolKing’s InterHigh Online SchoolLondon/online
Think like a pony
Juniper Tree (OT)
Wilderness Adventures (forest school) (Leeds)
Leeds City College 14+ Apprenticeship academy
Leeds college of building Skills Academy
MAP (music and performance Charity)
AIP (Area inclusion partnerships)
North East
North West
The opportunity centre (15 – to 24 years)
Riding for disabled (RDA)

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