Free resources at Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes has posted some really cool free resources on her website. Please do check them out! These include infinity colouring sheets and a really handy SEN parents communication log!    

What is SENDSorta and why you need it!

SENDSORTA empowers parents of special needs children in UK with an innovative app designed to guide, educate, and support them in improving their child’s outcomes. By providing expert-led training and personalized, 24/7 support, our platform transforms parenting challenges into triumphs, ensuring every child reaches their maximum potential. By doing so, SENDSORTA seeks to positively impact the families as well as to have a macro social-economic impact.

Checking your EHCP Draft in Leeds

Before you read further have a look at this The draft is received when all the professional input that was requested during the assessment phase has been received and the Case Work Officer (CWO) has taken the input and compiled it into an EHCP Draft. When you receive the EHCP you’ll also receive copy […]

ABA as an intervention in Leeds


There are lots of interventions for Autistic children and adults to help them learn skills and to improve their quality of life. For a lot of interventions available to help your child that have scientific backing you can look at the website below (previously known as research autism). They go through a lot of scientific […]

Parental statement at tribunal

parent statement

The initial statement As stressful as the tribunal is, it is also very procedural. It normally starts with the Judge introducing herself/himself and then layout the ground rules for the tribunal. Regardless of if you are being represented or representing yourself at the tribunal, after the introductions, you’ll be given a chance to speak and […]

Reasonable adjustments in schools

reasonable adjustments

What are reasonable Adjustments Some people or organisations like employers, shops, local authorities and schools must take positive steps to remove the barriers you face because of your disability. This is to ensure you receive the same services, as far as this is possible, as someone who’s not disabled. The Equality Act 2010 calls this […]

Violent and challenging behaviour


SEND-VCB-PROJECT Many times the parents ask what to do. Child has anxiety based behaviour issues. There could be self harm, harm to their siblings or parents. Some parents ask in desperation because the child is now stronger/taller than them.In these situations I find that nearly every time they are recommended the SEND VCB project by […]

Resolve issues with SENSAP


How to get issues resolved with SENSAP Guide from a parent – Anonymous – shared with permission So SENSAP:::: We all know that they are at crisis point and that’s why it’s so important to follow the proper complaints procedures so things are audited and scrutinised properly. I’ve seen lots of “email this person” posts […]

Who’s who at Leeds Education


These contacts are publicly available and this do not breech anyone’s privacy. Correct as off June 2022 Name Title Contact Salim Tariq Director of Children and Families Shaheen Myres Deputy Director Learning Val Waite Head of Service forLearning Inclusion Ben Allchin Statutory assessment and provision lead

List of SEND EHCP Advocates

Educational Psychologists

Here is a list of SEN Advocates that I have collected from Facebook recommendation. I have no association with any of these listed below. I have however used Sean for our appeal and have shared my review here Name Firm Website Sean Bowers *review available SEN Action Fiona advocacyandmediation Rochelle Victoria The […]