AAC Apps

In the realm of assistive technology, communication aids have become a cornerstone for individuals who face challenges in verbal communication. This article delves into some of the most prominent communication aids available, helping you to decide which one might be the best fit for your needs. Each of these tools offers distinct features and benefits, […]

Checking your EHCP Draft in Leeds

Before you read further have a look at this https://www.ipsea.org.uk/what-to-do-when-you-receive-your-draft-ehc-plan The draft is received when all the professional input that was requested during the assessment phase has been received and the Case Work Officer (CWO) has taken the input and compiled it into an EHCP Draft. When you receive the EHCP you’ll also receive copy […]

Our experience with Intensive Interaction

Speech and language

I am writing this blog here while all is still relevantly fresh, in hope to give some understanding to those looking for what Intensive interaction is, why it is recommended and to share our personal experience with it. The first time I heard the words “Intensive Interaction”, was probably in our first private speech and […]

ABA as an intervention in Leeds


There are lots of interventions for Autistic children and adults to help them learn skills and to improve their quality of life. For a lot of interventions available to help your child that have scientific backing you can look at the website below (previously known as research autism). They go through a lot of scientific […]

Eye test for non-verbal child who doesn’t follow instructions

Eye Test

I can only share my experience of this for my child. We are based in Leeds, UK, your experience may be different. It was the school that indicated that our non-verbal 5 year old needed to get an eye check. She was squinting and watching things at strange angles. We knew taking her to a […]

Books for Autistic and ADHD children to understand autism

Autism Books

A list of recommended book He’s Not Naughty! A Children’s Guide to Autism ADHD Is Our Superpower: The Amazing Talents and Skills of Children with ADHD The Abilities in Me: Autism All Cats Are on the Autism Spectrum A Gear That Just Won’t Turn: What Adhd Is Like for Me All dogs have ADHD

Subject access request to Local Authority

Subject access request

First of all a note: Freedom of information request also known as FOI is not the same as subject access request, also known as SAR They are two completely different thigs. The right of access, or subject access request, also known as SAR is a right under GDPR law. Right of access permits you to request […]

Reasonable adjustments in schools

reasonable adjustments

What are reasonable Adjustments Some people or organisations like employers, shops, local authorities and schools must take positive steps to remove the barriers you face because of your disability. This is to ensure you receive the same services, as far as this is possible, as someone who’s not disabled. The Equality Act 2010 calls this […]

Review – ZigZag Autism Support


Quick Link https://www.zigzagautismservices.co.uk/ First contact We first found out about ZigZag when we got our child’s diagnosis. I believe it was mentioned in information pamphlet or was mentioned in the Autism training we attended. Anyway, it was a few years ago and I still have a regret that I didn’t look it up straight away. […]

Violent and challenging behaviour


SEND-VCB-PROJECT Many times the parents ask what to do. Child has anxiety based behaviour issues. There could be self harm, harm to their siblings or parents. Some parents ask in desperation because the child is now stronger/taller than them.In these situations I find that nearly every time they are recommended the SEND VCB project by […]