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First contact

We first found out about ZigZag when we got our child’s diagnosis. I believe it was mentioned in information pamphlet or was mentioned in the Autism training we attended. Anyway, it was a few years ago and I still have a regret that I didn’t look it up straight away. My judgement at that time was a bit impaired. While I was a bit in denial and confirmation bias, thinking the professionals had got it wrong and that my child will probably grow our off it, I was also not looking forward to join a “parents support group”. I think one reasons was that then somehow my child’s diagnosis will be confirmed by other parents and that would go against my denial.

The Facebook group

I also didn’t see ZigZag for what it is. Funny I felt like it was one place like AA, where parents got sit around in a circle and discussed their issues one by one. It took me some time to absorb all the different information and courses and names of professionals etc but at some point I joined ZigZag Facebook group, but I honestly don’t remember what made me join. I think someone had mentioned the trampolining sessions. I do know that I looked through the past posts and I was amazed at how much I had missed. I found ZigZag Facebook group to be a safe place where you can ask any question, however stupid you may feel it is, and you will be fully supported. You can rant if you are having a bad day, without any sort of judgement. The support from other parents who have been-there-done-that is amazing. You have parents of adults, parents of newly diagnosed, parents who suspect Autism but are currently on the pathway to diagnosis, and everyone supports everyone. It is like a living breathing encyclopaedia

The Extras

While the Facebook Group is what comes to my mind straight away when someone mentions ZigZag, ZigZag also do regular SEN trampolining sessions at Gravity in Cardigan fields and also do special sessions at different indoor-play areas. There are also occasional lunch/dinner and other events for parent carers. Details of which can be found on their facebook page events section.

While I have benefitted from ZigZag support nearly every day in one way or the other, I am most thankful the ZigZag during my child’s education appeal and the support I got throughout the process. I will never forget that.

Autism awareness training

ZigZag also provide autism awareness training. It gets good reviews and is significantly low cost. It is normally delivered via online/Zoom and focuses on helping parents understand their children and their children’s needs.

Why holdmyhand?

One of the reasons for me setting up this website has also been inspired by ZigZag. I hope that those parents who are in my position, like I was a few years ago, who suffer from social anxiety or for whatever reason don’t do Facebook, or are hesitant to join ZigZag as they might not know about it, will find help on this page that I hope is tailored to Leeds audience wherever possible.

But take my word for it, if you are parent of an autistic child, or you suspect your child may be on the spectrum, and you live in Leeds or surrounding areas, I’d highly recommend you like the ZigZag Facebook page and join the private community



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