So this post is about the Q/A we see a lot of times being asked by parents. Hope you find it helpful

Been turned down for assessment for EHC. The letter stated they felt my child may have SEN but that they don’t think my child requires support over and above what’s in school. Is it worth appealing do you think?

Always appeal. That seems like a standard reply I got the same and I’m fighting it.

How would I go about applying for EHCP ? Do you have to have a diagnosis to get one etc?

No diagnosis needed. However the more evidence you have the better. The advice I have seen being given is that collect all reports from school/nursery, NHS , any other professionals involved with your child. Then download the model letter from IPSEA website at…
Fill out the model letter and send to your Council Special needs department that deals with EHCP. This you will find by searching for your council name and EHCP. Once you have sent the letter and Council has received it your 20 week timeline starts. If they turndown/decline assessment, then appeal. more than 85% of appeal are successful. Hope this helps

Can you request a change in case worker from the LA?

Recommendations for private EP (please note these are not mine but collected from internet. I don’t take any responsibility for these. Please talk to them and make up your own judgements.)

Educational psychologist

Some names I have picked up from groups, in no order of preference and with no affiliation with anyone of the below

Jonathan Middleton

David Urani EP

Ruth Waterhouse

Mick Davies EP

Paul Kelly EP Manchester


nick Logan

Dr Leanne Short

Paula Wynter

Siobhan Aubin

Nicky weisfeld valuing minds Hertfordshire

Ellie Jeffrey

Patsy Kershaw

EHCP has been finalised. What now? Who monitors the things that should be put in place for my child.
The council will provide the school with budgeting cost if needed, the School will then monitor and deliver the provisions in section F, plus review them yearly at the annual review. If they don’t deliver all the provisions you are able to complaint to the SEN team or the SEN caseworker.

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