Parental statement at tribunal

parent statement

The initial statement As stressful as the tribunal is, it is also very procedural. It normally starts with the Judge introducing herself/himself and then layout the ground rules for the tribunal. Regardless of if you are being represented or representing yourself at the tribunal, after the introductions, you’ll be given a chance to speak and […]

List of SEND EHCP Advocates

Educational Psychologists

Here is a list of SEN Advocates that I have collected from Facebook recommendation. I have no association with any of these listed below. I have however used Sean for our appeal and have shared my review here Name Firm Website Sean Bowers *review available SEN Action Fiona advocacyandmediation Rochelle Victoria The […]

Some selected EHCP QnA


So this post is about the Q/A we see a lot of times being asked by parents. Hope you find it helpful Been turned down for assessment for EHC. The letter stated they felt my child may have SEN but that they don’t think my child requires support over and above what’s in school. Is […]