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Every one knows that the NHS waiting times on getting a diagnosis are very long. Although outsourcing to Clinical Partners and the like has shortened the waiting times, it is still at unacceptable level for most people concerned about their children. Some parents who can afford, consider a private diagnosis, but they are concerned if the private diagnosis will then be challenged in the future by Schools and local authorities. This, along with the cost, can be a huge put off.

These are a few options that I have collected from parents feedback if you decide to go private

Clinical Partners

Clinical partners is an obvious choice in Leeds as they are also the same people being used by NHS. The cost is purportedly to be upwards of £1500 mark.

The waiting times can be very long as its a very busy practice. Please do call and check with them current waiting times as this can change.

There is a possibility to use “right to choose” and get Clinical Partners diagnosis via your GP , rather than waiting on the CHAMS list. So definitely worth exploring.

Oakdale Center

This is another private clinic that is used by NHS to off load the extra work in times of long delays. They are known to charge upwards of £2000, and payment can be made in 3 instalments. Waiting time is less than clinical partners. about 3 months when last reported, but again best to check with them directly for both waiting times and cost.

Oakdale Centre
49 Valley Drive
North Yorkshire

t: 01423 503080

Axia in Chester

Axia in Chester get great reviews from all parents who chose them. Although this is at a distance so transport to there and back may be an issue. The cost at the time of reporting was upwards of £1500 but please check this as they could have changed and could be different for different needs.

Spectrum Northwest Warrington

Have heard good reviews bot no information on cost or waiting times.

You can find out more about them on their website here at

Caudwell Children

This is a charitable organisation that provides an alternative diagnostic service. As it is free (charity funded and I think means tested), waiting time have been reported to be about a year. Although that is still faster than CHAMS

You can find out more about them here

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