STARS (Specialist Training in Autism and Raising Standards) is a Local government paid department. According to them:

STARS are a team of autism specialists who offer advice and training to mainstream settings. We work in early years settings, primary schools and secondary schools. We are committed to raising expectation and achievement for all children with autism in Leeds. We want to ensure that quality support and provision is in place for every child. STARS are accredited by the National Autistic Society.


STARS provide Autism training to Leeds primary and secondary schools

They provide Tier 1, 2 and 3 training

They also come into schools after a parent/school referral and see the child in school setting and give recommendations to school on what provisions to put in place for that child. Schools have been known to mostly follow these, however, some schools have also been known to completely ignore these recommendations.

STARS also do “drop in sessions” twice a month in Leeds library however these have moved to video/phone consultations since COVID 19. Parents have reported they have found the advice from STARTS really good. You can find more about it

How to access STARS for your child at school

The best way to do is to contact your schools and ask them to put in a STARS referral. The STARS referral is a small form, however, while most of it is to be filled by school, one part of it is filled in by the parent. Please write and much as you can in there about your child’s struggles.

Up until 2020, the STARs waiting list was one year long. Also if child’s referral was made in a different setting (from example a nursery), a new referral has to be made in the new setting. For us , our child’s private nursery applied, but then child moved to state nursery, and then they applied and then child moved to school and they applied so it was nearly a three year wait.

It is recommended by parents to always email and check with them that the referral has been received as there are many cases where school say a referral was sent but STARS never received it.

Also , please note that if your child accesses ABA then STARS will not help your child.

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