Here is a list of educational psychologist that I have gathered over some time. Hope you find it helpful

Educational psychologist

Some names I have picked up from Facebook groups

Jonathan Middleton
David Urani
Ruth Waterhouse
Mick Davies020 36597844
Marina Gouzouli Allen
Dr Leanne Short
Paula Wynter
Siobhan Aubin
Nicky Weisfeld
Ellie Jeffrey
Patsy Kershaw
Lindsey and Michael
Richard Lewis.
Melanie Hartgill
Denise Thornton
Craig Tribe
Dorota Martin
Catherine Peirce
Lisa Blakemore brown
Anthony Hallet
John HallMobile: 07960 857 430
Peter Parkhouse
Vivienne Clifford
Dr JoanneDr Joanne
Allan Willis
Jemma Levy

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