Understanding the Educational Psychologist Visit in England: A Guide for Parents

Speech and language

Introduction When your child is undergoing an Education, Health, and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment in England, one of the critical components is the visit from an Educational Psychologist. This encounter is pivotal in determining the specific needs of your child and shaping the support they receive. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what to expect […]

Checking your EHCP Draft in Leeds

Before you read further have a look at this https://www.ipsea.org.uk/what-to-do-when-you-receive-your-draft-ehc-plan The draft is received when all the professional input that was requested during the assessment phase has been received and the Case Work Officer (CWO) has taken the input and compiled it into an EHCP Draft. When you receive the EHCP you’ll also receive copy […]

Professionals and fitness to practice


HCPC is a body (Health and care professionals council) that registers professionals in this field. You may have seen that your EP or Speech therapist, for example, have an HCPC number in their reports. This is their HCPC registration number and allows them to practice in a certain field. To practice in these fields, the […]