There are lots of interventions for Autistic children and adults to help them learn skills and to improve their quality of life.

For a lot of interventions available to help your child that have scientific backing you can look at the website below (previously known as research autism). They go through a lot of scientific data to point out the interventions that should be avoided and those that show positive impact.

Each child is different, and what works for one child may not work for another.

Before you investigate further, it may be a good idea to read the National Autistic Society’s page on ABA here:

There is also ABA Access for All page that has been set up to promote awareness about ABA

You can also find some myths busted here :

If you decide to get ABA for your child, there are a few different options. Unfortunately, there is no ABA school in Leeds or surrounding areas.

Therapy at home by parents

Most parents find a BCBA (ABA consultant) and tutor their child themselves. Having a BCBA look over your tutoring your child is extremely important. While it is expensive, this step must never be missed. The consultant will design the whole programme for your child, monitor progress, recommend changes and make sure that you are doing the right ABA. I have met some parents who have done it this way and they have seen significant progress. The cost of the BCBA , as I recall was about £500 a month. The BCBA consultant would visit the family once or twice a month. The remaining support was via online methods.

While this method is cheaper, the negative of this way of doing things , of course, is that it is very demanding on the parents. Also, you need to do you own training and also do all the data collection. While some parents are able to do this, and it is hard work, others will struggle, especially if you have multiple children that you look after.

Therapy at home by trained therapist

This is another way some parents choose to do ABA in Leeds. They hire the services of the BCBA as above, but they also hire a therapist (RBT) to work with the child. The child may be taken out of school completely and ABA done as a home education programme, or, the child may continue to go to school, and ABA done in evenings and on weekends.

The BCBA cost of this are about £500+ a month, but now yo have additional cost of the ABA therapist. The ABA therapist charge somewhere between £15 to £25 per hour, depending on the experience, training and qualifications. Please do note to hire a therapist that already has the 40 hours RBT training, or in on pathway to complete that training. Please don’t hire anyone who has no clue of ABA or working with SEN children as that is not the preferred way of doing things. ABA is very deeply based in science, a therapist who is able to read the scientific theory behind ABA, and who is able to gather data and analyse data and make clinical judgement will be able to be far more effective than some one who does not have these qualities.

Therapy at school by the TA/LSA

Another option that has worked for some parents is that they have been lucky to have a supportive school and the school has agreed to train their TA/LSA to deliver one-to-one intervention. The BCBA you employ will be dealing directly with the school LSA, providing them outcomes and direction and designing the programme for them.

This, if it works, can be a best of both worlds, in the sense that the parents will only have to pay for the BCBA and the state/school will fund the TA/LSA.

Drawback with this option is that the child will not receive ABA in the school holidays. Also the schools TA/LSA may not be dedicated to ABA as a career so will not be too eager for continuous development and training in that field.

Therapy at the centre

Leeds has a centre based ABA available in Yeadon called Autism Partnership. They provide ABA in a dedicated building. They have a three tier system, with the programme managed by a consultant, who supervises the programme specialist supervisors, who then supervise the therapists.

The benefit of the centre is that they have dedicated staff and consultant and supervisors are available at all times. Thus the therapist working with the child can access support and decision making much more rapidly. The therapists are fully trained and qualified and the supervisors and consultants have many years of experience in the field. The programme is very flexible, and very much focused on the needs of the child. The parents are required to be involved and to use ABA at home and community with their child. The centre staff can work as BCBAs for home or school programmes if you prefer to use them over others.

The draw back is that the centre is the most expensive option of all the other options above.

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